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Power Predictor 2.0 Wind and Solar Energy Monitor FAQ- Wednesday 23 April, 2014 Viewed:73
Power Predictor 2.0 Wind and Solar Energy Monitor FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't there other ways to find out this information?  Can't I just use the modeled data online?
There are various other ways to calculate the power at your site but these are significantly more expensive and/or much less accurate and comprehensive.  Various alternative solutions include expensive anemometers (in excess of £1000, and only measure wind) or a visit of a consultant (more expensive and doesn't take a long term picture).  Modeled data alone cannot be relied upon as it does not consider local obstructions and is accurate only to a sq kilometer.

I know someone who had an installer come and calculate the potential of their site.  Isn't that more reliable?
Excluding the cost, which is likely to be several hundred pounds for a few hours of their time, this method is unlikely to take into account an ongoing analysis, as the Power Predictor does.  For example, if the installer visits on a particularly windy day they may overestimate the wind power potential of your site or underestimate the solar power potential if it's overcast.

Isn't it expensive?
This price is much cheaper than anything similar on the market - about a fifth of comparable devices - whilst providing a more comprehensive and easy to use solution. The cost include the sensor, the data recorder, and a twelve month software license to analyse your data at  With the Power Predictor you can unlock the potential of your site or avoid a costly mistake by spending thousands on renewable energy technology for an inappropriate site.

How is it so cheap?
It has taken 2 years of research and development to get the cost this low.  Our years of expertise in the wind and solar industries, offering independent advice of various third party solutions have placed us in a unique position to develop a low cost, highly accurate site assessment device.

Do I need planning permission?  Is it an eyesore?
You should not need planning permission to mount the Power Predictor as it is a temporary structure. As ever, check with your local authority but it is a small device, no larger than a crow.  Far from being an eyesore, many people see it as a positive lifestyle statement.

Does it take long to install?
Often it can only take a few minutes to install your Power Predictor. If you are mounting it on a pole it may take longer.

I'm interested but I don't know anyone who can sell me a wind turbine or a solar panel?
When you are ready to find out more about the technologies being installed at your site, simply contact us and we will help by providing technical support and system design.
How long does the site license last for?
The Power Predictor comes with a two-year site license, which is valid for one main site and two sub-sites.  
Could you tell me if the extension cable is needed ?
The extension cable is used to extend the length between the sensor (top of the anemometer) and the data logger (part where the data is recorded to). You need the sensor to be as high as possible, whereas the data logger needs to be easy to access in order to get the SD memory card out which contains the recorded data.

How long is the cable that's attached to the normal wind meter ?
The Power Predictor package includes 5m of cable, but if for example you wanted to put the Power Predictor on a 12m mast, the logger would be 7m in the air and thus difficult to access. This is why we offer the extension cable.

How high do you recommend that the meter is set on a pole ?
The best advice is to have the Power Predictor at a height that is similar to that of the hub height of an eventual turbine. For the best data, you need to get the Power Predictor above and beyond all turbulent objects such as hedges, trees or nearby buildings. Such objects would reduce wind speed and could cause shadowing for solar readings.
You could use the wind shear formula (this is calculated automatically for different heights on the Power Predictor software) to estimate potential wind speed at different heights.

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UV Water Filtration Systems for Boats and Rv's- Thursday 17 April, 2014 Viewed:85
UV Water Filtration for Boats Campers Motorhomes and Rv's

UV Water Filtration Systems for Boats and Rv's

Many boat and RV owners share a common problem: drinking water. Even though most boats or Rv's will contain a storage tank for water it is often uncertain how safe the water coming from the tank could be. The water tank is an ideal environment for the breeding of bacteria, viruses and other hazardous microorganisms. Even if connected to available water hook-ups, often times, the available water supply is no safer than what is lurking in the water tank. The alternative is generally bottled water that is expensive, bulky and cannot be used in the shower or ice maker, and its purity can sometimes be arguable.

By installing a UV water system on the faucet side of the water tank, every drop of water which passes through the faucets, shower heads or into the ice maker is clean, clear and safe. Efficient on size, cost to operate, and power consumption, our UV water filtration units are a perfect soultion to this common problem. The UV water filtration systems can supply up to 3 gpm of clean safe drinking water. We have several units that can run directly from 12v which is perfect for boats, RV which generally have a 12v battery bank.

The UV water systems are generally installed under the sink counters and can have a dedicated drinking water faucet if required or can be plumbed into the entire system although this later option may reduce filter life.

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UV Water Filtration System Installation- Thursday 17 April, 2014 Viewed:85

Complete installation instructions and diagrams are included with each unit. The instructions below are intended to show the ease with which a system installs and for users who do not have access to their included instructions.

We strongly recommend the use of an extension cord for those users who will be using an electrical outlet behind their dishwasher. This will prevent you from having to pull out your washer any time you need unplug your SAFH2O UV system to perform maintenance. For added safety, it is always best to plug into a GFI outlet.

Installation Instructions For SAFH2O UV Under Counter Water Systems
The instructions below are the same whether for dual, triple or quadruple stage units. The Model 100 should not require faucet installation, as the system is intended only for use in conjunction with an existing filtration system.

To install saddle valve on copper tube:
Caution: Do not turn handle before or while installing the “saddle tapping valve”. Be certain the piercing lance does not protrude beyond the rubber gasket. Failure to do this may result in damage to the lance.
•Assemble the “saddle tapping valve” on copper tube.
    • For 3/8 O.D. tubing use Pat. Pend. Bracket with side projections to prevent distortion of
    • Use “V” side of bracket for all larger size tubing.
•Tighten screws evenly – brackets should be parallel. Tighten firmly.
•Make the water connection to the outlet of the “saddle tapping valve”. Should you fail to do this before piercing the tube a small amount of water will escape from outlet until you are fully pierced.
•Turn the handle clockwise until you feel it is firmly seated.  Note: You have now pierced the copper tube and the valve is closed.
•Turn the handle counter clockwise to open the valve.

To install the “saddle tapping valve” on steel or brass pipe.
• Shut off water supply and drain the line.
• Drill a 3/16” hole in pipe. Use a hand drill to avoid shock hazard.
• Turn handle to expose lance beyond the rubber gasket no more than 3/16”
• Place body of valve over hole so that lance fits into the hole.
• Tighten bottom clamp evenly – brackets should be parallel.
• Turn handle clockwise to close the valve.
• Open the water supply and “saddle tapping valve”

Install Faucet
Many sinks have an extra hole for the mounting of additional faucets, sprayers or soap dispensers. If your sink does not have the additional hole, you will need to drill a hole as follows: First, determine the location for the faucet hole. Before you begin drilling, check underneath sink making certain there are no obstructions.
Stainless Steel Sink. Carefully mark the faucet location, making certain that it is far enough from the regular water faucets so that they don’t interfere with the operation of each other. Be certain there is sufficient clearance to tighten the lock nut from below before you begin the drilling procedure. Use center punch to make an indentation in sink surface to help hold alignment to drill the hole. Drill a 1/2” hole (max), and then smooth out rough edges with a file if required.
Porcelain Coated Sink. The manufacturer recommends to have this type of sink professionally drilled because of the possibility of chipping or cracking. If you are attempting to drill, use extreme caution. Use a Relton Cutter with adequate cooling lubricant. You may also install the faucet directly into the countertop if you do not want to drill the sink. Position the faucet at the location to be drilled to make certain that the end of the spout will reach over the sink. Feel underneath the countertop to make certain there is no obstruction that would prevent proper faucet installation.

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FAQS and Information
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Shurflo 9300 Solar Pump 902-200 Controller Manual- Thursday 17 April, 2014 Viewed:85
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